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HPL, an alternative layer of furniture with super quality

Prices of HPL finishing furniture – having a comfortable and beautiful residence is the dream of every family wherever they are. A residential place that is comfortable, of course, requires a variety of facilities that must also support. In addition to the completeness of the facilities, the quality of all the items in the house must also be tried as well as possible so that it can provide an attractive impression and of course the durability can also be truly maintained. Usually one of the things that is closely related to the comfort of a residence in addition to the space layout is also influenced by the interior or furniture in the house. Well, this piece of furniture has a big contribution to give an attractive impression to your personal occupancy.

the better the furniture you have, the more attractive your housing will be. every occupant of the house will certainly feel more at home to linger in the house because of the good interior design and furniture as well. the furniture you have also has to be preserved and here you can use finishing hpl to maintain the quality of your furniture.
What is hpl finishing?

HPL is becoming increasingly popular lately, although actually HPL itself is not something new in the midst of our lives. The presence of HPL makes it easy for people to maintain the quality of their home furniture especially. The hpl concept itself is increasingly crowded after a variety of apartment concept buildings in a minimalist style have emerged which are mostly for the interior or furniture to choose finishing with a hpl layer.

Then what is meant by hpl itself? well, HPL (High Pressure Laminate) is a laminate / coating with very strong pressure so that it can really stick perfectly to a furniture surface such as kitchen furniture sets, cupboards, tables, chairs, interior decoration, and much more. The use of wood for interior finishing is indeed considered to be a little more expensive and to get wood as desired is also not as easy as it used to be. This is where the role of HPL makes it easy for us to get a glossy and smooth interior layer, and made from environmentally friendly materials.

Why should you choose hpl finishing furniture?
One reason why you should choose finishing with HPL is because now modern society is starting to demand to get a better and quality interior, and to last longer. Compared to the utilization of wood which requires wood which may later be even more to coat an interior set, finishing HPL can easily replace all of these needs including anti-collision, friction, or even weather changes. In other words, the price of this cheap hpl finishing furniture can keep the durability of a furniture and environmentally friendly for sure.

The building blocks of HPL itself include resin, penolin, decorative paper, and craft paper. Because this material is made of super strong plastic material, hpl is often chosen to coat their interiors. In addition, HPL is also easier to apply and does not need to be difficult to glue because HPL itself basically contains very strong glue sticking to the furniture layer. Scratch-resistant and waterproof, and has a variety of textures or designs. But one of the most popular is wood patterned.

What is the price for an HPL finishing?
The price of hpl finishing furniture itself is also not expensive and certainly more affordable when compared to finishing using the old method of using teak or other plywood. usually finishing furniture from HPL is sold per meter with a price range ranging from units of tens to nominal hundreds of thousands depending on the type of style and quality of the HPL itself.

the use of finishing from HPL itself is considered to be cheaper, it is also said to be more practical and the process is faster. The results also did not play well so many property entrepreneurs are now choosing to finish hpl to coat their interiors.

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