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Advantages of Using HPL Plywood Furniture Finishing Materials

HPL Plywood Furniture – Hearing the word HPL is certainly no stranger to those workers who deal with home furniture. HPL is one type of finishing for furniture that is quite liked by some of the people who are there. This Jaid finishing type of HPL has been found quite a lot in furniture such as tables, chairs, cabinets, kitchen sets, and other furniture. HPL finishing is also widely used for minimalist or modern home furniture. Not only that, this HPL function is also used to substitute wood material.

Actually the HPL is made of resin material, penofin, kraft paper, and decorative paper that uses advanced technology with a fairly high pressure. So that the HPL results made can be durable. In general, HPL is used as a final coating or finishing of furniture derived from solid wood. The motifs and patterns of the HPL itself are also quite numerous so that they can be adjusted to your liking. For this reason, this HPL is a material that has been chosen as a finishing furniture compared to wood and plywood material.

If you talk about plywood, maybe you are already familiar, because now there are enough HPL plywood furniture that you can get. But before that, let’s review a little about what plywood is. Plywood is usually called plywood. Plywoo is a basic ingredient commonly used in making furniture. In addition, the price of plywood is also relatively cheaper compared to solid wood. Plywood is also relatively stronger when compared to other types of processed wood such as mdf, hdf, particle board, and blockboard. For the basic material of the plywood itself is layered bark then the layers are pressed with high pressure.

A stack of pressed layers with high pressure creates a sheet of plywood with a certain thickness. Usually the outer surface layer is stronger when compared to the layer in the middle. It aims to protect the inner layer of plywood or plywood so that for the expansion process and pressing (pressure) bending can be reduced properly. In general, plywood in Indonesia is made of sengon wood, pine wood, and sungkai wood.

For finishing furniture you can use HPL or plywood depending on your wants or budget. You can also use HPL with a plywood motif so that later the furniture formed is HPL plywood furniture. Of course for each material such as HPL or plywood itself has advantages and disadvantages. For that make sure your choice is the best choice for the comfort and beauty of your home.

Advantages of Plywood for Furniture Finishing

Furniture with layers of plywood will usually set a fairly expensive cost because the quality of plywood is better than other processed wood. The following are some of the advantages of finishing plywood, namely:

1. The use of plywood is very practical and the material is also easily formed when compared to others, namely some similar products.

2. Has a fairly high level of resistance to shrinkage, so the shape and size are not easy to change.

3. Available in various thickness and size options so that this can make it easier for you to choose the plywood correctly.

4. The durability of plywood is high enough for the occurrence of weather changes even though changes are very extreme.

5. Good buckling power when compared to other wood products.

6. Can be used as the main frame in making furniture.

7. Water resistant plywood because there is a hard layer on the surface.

HPL Benefits As Furniture Finishing Materials

In the use of each material for furniture finishing, of course it will have advantages and benefits. Here are some benefits if you use HPL as an ingredient for finishing your furniture or furniture, namely:

1. It has lots of patterns and colors that really resemble real wood, marble, metallic, solid colors, and granite.

2. HPL costs are also cheaper

3. HPL is scratch resistant and waterproof

4. This HPL material has a cleaner appearance.

5. Furniture colors and motifs will have the same appearance and of course can also be adjusted to your wishes

This is the review regarding the benefits of using HPL plywood finishing furniture, which you can choose from or use HPL with plywood motifs.

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